Names Guaranteed to Succeed


We here at Stud Running Back put a lot of stock in player names. Chalk it up to superstition, or too many psychedelic drugs in our twenties. Whatever the case, we believe fantasy gold can be culled from a baller’s moniker.

Here’s our 2009 All-Name Team. Draft this bunch and prepare to dominate.

QB 1 – Drew Brees – Dissecting defenses is a breeze for Drew.

QB 2 – Matt Cassel – Ever try to storm a castle? It’s a bitch.

RB 1 – Matt Forte – His forte is running to daylight.

RB 2 – Knowshon Moreno – The guy knows how to get into the endzone.

RB 3 – Tim Hightower – Tim stands tall, just like a high tower.

RB 4 – LeSean McCoy – He’s the real McCoy.

WR 1 – Anquan Boldin – You gotta be bold to make it in the NFL.

WR 2 – Dwayne Bowe – This bow is taking aim at cornerbacks.

WR 3 – Eddie Royal – C’mon! He’s royalty.

WR 4 – Steve Breaston – Who doesn’t like breasts?

TE 1 – Chris Cooley – Never loses his cool.

TE 2 – Brent Celek – His name rhymes with Tom Selleck. Tom Selleck was Magnum P.I. Too easy.

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