Beware Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Two-face. Schizoid. Inconsistent. Unreliable.

These are not terms you want mentioned in the same breath as your fantasy players. Not knowing when a guy will blow up or crap the sheets is maddening to any owner. Stud Running Back loathes the Jekyll/Hyde player. Dealing with one is hard enough, but imagine being stuck with two or three on your roster. It’s a headache you don’t need.

Consistent, reliable production wins in the end. So, we’re going to do you guys a solid and reveal some hit or miss guys who might not be worth your time. Draft at your own risk.

Michael “The Burner” Turner – This cat is being picked no later than #4 overall in most mocks. Hey, I get it. 1699 yards and 17 trips to six is impressive. However, The Burner rushed for 100+ yards in back-to-back games only once in 2008. Check out his totals over the first eight weeks: 220, 42, 104, 56, 121, 54, 58, 139. Notice the pattern? Then there’s this: 719 of his rush yards were accumulated in four games. Eleven of his 16 scores came in four games. He eclipsed the century mark in only three of eight road games. He’s also a liability in the passing game with only six grabs all season. He’s good, but is he #2 overall good?

Chris “Coach’s Dream” Johnson – Johnson operates in a two-back committee with portly LenDale White, which may explain his up and down numbers in ’08. Look at his rush yards from week 2 to week 10: 109, 74, 61, 44, 168, 77, 89, 8. After each 100 yard game, his stats gradually decreased each week. His four 100+ games last season came against the following teams: Cincinnati, Kansas City, Detroit and Cleveland. Three of four teams ranked 28th or lower in rush defense. The Bengals finished 21st against the run. Chrissy is being nabbed in the mid to late first round of most drafts. He’s overvalued.

Lee Evans – Lee has been doing the Jekyll and Hyde dance his whole career. He scored all three of his touchdowns last season during weeks four through seven. His yardage totals from week 8 to week 17 were, 116, 41, 22, 0, 110, 80, 23, 22, 19 and 63. Terrible. Maybe T.O. will help balance Evans’ stats, but does anyone really believe Mr. Me will take a back seat to anyone, even at age 35? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Kevin Walter – Playing opposite Andre Johnson affords Walter the luxury of single coverage all game long. He had a nice 2008 season, but it was of the yo-yo variety. Here are his totals from week 3 to week 10: 15, 76, 36, 98, 27, 70, 47, 85. When’s he hot, he’s great. When he’s not, forget it. Some feel Walter will make a credible number three fantasy wideout. Stud Running back advises to treat him as a number four who will make an excellent bye week replacement.

Jeremy Shockey – I’ve never liked Shockey. He’s overrated and over-hyped. He missed four games in ’08, but even when he played, he was underwhelming. He caught two or less passes in four games and never gained more than 75 yards. Oh yeah, he didn’t cross the goal line once… not one single time last year. Forget him, he’s done. Draft John Carlson or Brent Celek and thank us later.

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