What Idiot Called a Committee Meeting?


No surprise here, but SRB hates a RBBC. How about picking one back and sticking with the guy. Is that too much to ask NFL coaches? C’mon, we all know you fellas Fantasy ball like the rest of us football geeks. Well, everyone except Mike Shanahan. Thankfully, he’s been run out of the league and will be unable to toy with Fantasy owners by utilizing a six-back rotation. Shanahan sucks. It had to be written.

One advantage to a committee approach is the additional depth added to the RB pool. Back in the stone age, you had to grab runners early because all the “studs” would be gone by round three. Nowadays, quality backs can be found as late as round seven, if you do your homework.

However, some committees are more complicated than an episode of Lost. We at SRB refer to these hornet’s nests as Shanahans. Stay away from the Shanahans. If not, make sure you have plenty of Advil on hand.

Tampa Bay Bucs – Derrick Ward, Ernest Graham, Cadillac Williams – This mind-numbing enigma was made more maddening by the arrival of Derrick Ward. Presumably, one would expect Ward to be the featured guy considering Bucs’ brass shelled out $17 million to acquire his services. I’m not buying it. Expect all three backs to splatter this Jackson Pollock canvas. Yes, even “Pinto” Williams will get a few brush strokes.

Oakland Raiders – Darren McFadden, Michael Bush, Justin Fargas – Ugh. The only thing more confusing than an Al Davis draft is an Al Davis backfield. McFadden should be handed his stud license in ’09, but he’ll have to prove he’s durable enough. Truth be told, Bush may end up being the best outta this triple trouble if he lands the goal line carries. In any case, this is another Raider puzzle best left alone.

NY Jets – Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, Shonn Greene – Jones had a career year in ’08 with that Favre guy under center. Don’t expect a repeat with male model Mark Sanchez calling signals. This conundrum has loads of drama. Both Jones and Washington are disgruntled. Leon may hold out of training camp. I can’t ever recall a number two back having the balls to stage a prolonged holdout. You’re not a starter douchebag!! Look for rookie Greene to steal touchdowns.

San Diego Chargers – LT, Darren Sproles, Jacob Hester – If you believe Tomlinson has one final season of glory left, go ahead and draft him in the first round. Just plan on being disappointed. The Chargers didn’t fork over $6.62 million to Sproles to have him ride the pine. Both he and short-yardage specialist Hester will spell a gimpy LT. If Tomlinson stays healthy, he could produce low-end number one back stats. He’ll miss three games — minimum.

New England Pats – Laurence Maroney, Sammy Morris, Fred Taylor, Kevin Faulk – What the #$%& is this about? Your guess is as good as mine as to how this recurring nightmare will end. SRB’s advice: stay the hell away. Let some other sap try to crack this top secret code.

Seattle Seahawks – Julius Jones, TJ Duckett, Justin Forsett – Jones flopped miserably last year after inking a lucrative free agent contract. Will he get a second chance? Yes. Will he succeed? No. Duckett will be the TD vulture and Forsett will get third down duty. That leaves scraps for Jones. I’d rather down a dozen Orange Julius drinks than draft Julius Jones.

Cleveland Browns – Jamal Lewis, Jerome Harrison, James Davis – Lewis is washed-up. Harrison is unproven. Davis is a rookie. It’s Cleveland. Why bother?

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