Wisdom of Studs


If you call yourself Stud Running Back, then you better know a thing or two about stud backs. Well, we do. Every fantasy season gives way to a brand new stable of thoroughbreds. Last year Michael Turner, DeAngelo Williams, Matt Forte, Chris Johnson and Steve Slaton all punched their stud cards.

They are yesterday’s news. Those who live in the past die in the present. We’ve targeted three baby backs you’d be well served to hitch your wagons to in ’09. That is, if you want to dominate, which we assume you do, or else you wouldn’t be here trawling for sound advice, but instead wasting precious time picking the brains of the clowns experts at all those corporate sports websites. You know, the ones that ignore stories about Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks accused of sexual assault.

Felix Jones (Cowboys) – I’m certain the ‘Boys will find a way to squeeze in another choke job this December, but it won’t be Felix’s fault if they do. By season’s end this cat-like quick will have many an owner smiling ear to ear. He’s a dynamic playmaker with the same skillset as Fantasy Kingpin Marshall Faulk. Stud’s stats: 1200 total yards and 8 TDs.

Ahmad Bradshaw (Giants) – Our spies tell us Bradshaw will get the lion’s share of the carries left behind by the departure of Derrick Ward to Tampa. He’s been patiently waiting for his opportunity to shine. Now the stage is his. The Giants offense will be extra run heavy in ’09. Stud’s stats: 1050 total yards and 7 touchdowns.

Chris Wells (Cardinals) – Knowshon Moreno is gettin’ all the pub among the rookie class. Hey, I’m down with the Knowshon too. But Wells will end up out producing the Bronco buck. When “Air”izona decides to tote the rock, it will be Wells doing the toting. Reminds me of a young Jamal Lewis (minus the drug trafficking conviction). Stud’s stats: 1175 total yards and 10 touchdowns.

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