To Live and Let Addai


Joseph Addai is another former first-round runner who has fallen out of favor in Fantasy circles. It makes total sense considering last year’s debacle which included more broken body parts than touchdowns. Addai will never be a Stud, but he’s far from a bum, either. The arrival of rookie Donald Brown should do nothing but help Joe’s stats this season. If you recall in 2006, Addai excelled in a dual-back system with Dominic Rhodes.

Addai’s real value is his goal line skills and pass catching abilities. 106 receptions in three years is solid, as is 30 total touchdowns. For all you high school dropouts, that averages out to 10 scores per year. Fantasy Football is all about finding those select players who consistently find the end zone. Addai may not be flashy, but he’s one of those guys.

Joe is only 26. He’s never had more than 261 carries in a season. In other words, he’s got plenty left in the tank, IF he can stay out of the trainer’s room. Stud’s Stance is Addai will be a productive number two back in 2009. 1200 total yards and 8 touchdowns sounds about right. Just don’t count on him to play a full schedule.

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