Dueling Strategies

While reviewing the draft, I noticed a couple opposing philosophies that should be fun to monitor as the fantasy season progresses. Two teams, Steelcats and Blind Monkeys, went against the grain of a normal Gulfman League draft and selected three wide receivers in the first four rounds. As you well know if you read my inane ramblings this summer, I am a proponent of not neglecting the pass catchers.

If I had been drafting in the middle like the ‘Cats and Monkeys, I would’ve gone the same route. Hell, I strongly considered going WR-WR at 11, but not having at least one potential A-list runner in my backfield swayed my thinking. However, Run DMc is hardly a sure thing. In hindsight, I probably should’ve rolled the cubes and snagged Vinnie Jackson in the second. Relying on McFadden and Felix Jones will likely result in several profanity-laced Sundays this fall.

I digress. Rather than snatch wideouts early, the Talkers and ManahManah decided to ignore the position until round four or later and rest their championship aspirations on the shoulders of runners and signal-callers. This more traditional approach could still pay off, but a lack of a true stud receiver on their rosters in a league that starts three is problematic.

So, I pose this question: which lineup is better equipped to win a title?

Walkers Talkers Blind Monkeys
QB – Vick QB – Schaub
RB – Gore RB – McCoy
RB – Blount RB – Grant
WR – Britt WR – Nicks
WR – Harvin WR – Wayne
WR – S. Moss WR – Bryant

Not an easy answer, eh? If Vick blows up again and Britt stops getting arrested, the Talkers will be a tough out. The Monkeys biggest weakness is at number two running back. Grant, the Law Firm and L.T. are all entrenched in committees. That being said, the team is plenty stacked.

Comparison dos.

Steelcats ManahManah
QB – Rivers QB – Romo
RB – Hightower RB – Turner
RB – Moreno RB – Hillis
WR – A. Johnson TE – Witten
WR – Fitzgerald TE – Clark
WR – Bowe TE – M. Lewis

Hmm. If the ‘Cats backfield pans out and nobody gets hurt (obviously), they will be the team to beat. Those three receivers are outstanding. As for the Manah, Turner and Hillis are great in a standard scoring league like ours, but both might wear down by November. That leaves a trio of tight ends and guys like Lee Evans and Hines Ward to pick up the offensive slack. Not ideal.

Anyway, I’m intrigued which strategy ends up being more successful. And don’t worry, the dick/fart jokes and gratuitous semi-nudity will return once the season begins. I know which side my bread is buttered.

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