Thursday Nightmare

manuelIn an effort to expand their product, the NFL (in all its infinite wisdom) decided to start scheduling Thursday night games for 13 weeks beginning last year. The move looked great on paper. Another night with NFL football? What’s not to like? Nothing at all, right? Wrong.

Eleven of 16 games played to date have been decided by double-digits. The matchups are often sloppy, turnover-filled shitstorms of ineptitude. Three days of rest just isn’t enough recovery or preparation time for players and coaches to reach their peak level of performance.

Think about it. Players have Mondays or Tuesdays off in a normal week, but there are no off days for teams participating on Thursday. It’s ridiculous to presume players can be sharp physically and mentally only 72 hours after smashing into each other for 60 minutes.

This is especially true for quarterbacks. In 16 Thursday nighters, signal-callers have thrown 42 touchdowns and 42 interceptions collectively. Only five guys have thrown for 300-plus yards: Big Ben, Joe Flacco, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Brandon Weeden (?). Fourteen have thrown for fewer than 200 yards.

For fantasy purposes, this should make owners think twice about rolling with their number one quarterback if he’s not named Manning, Brees or Rodgers. Maybe E.J. Manuel and Brian Hoyer will put on a glorious aerial bonanza tonight, but it’s highly unlikely.

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