Dwayne Bowe Continues to Troll Browns Fans

dwayne-bowe-brownsDwayne Bowe, who allegedly plays for the Cleveland Browns even though he hasn’t seen the practice field since August 5th, is a confident man. The Browns offense has looked abysmal thus far in the preseason, and “Top 5 Quarterback” Josh McCown’s two interceptions against Buffalo last Thursday night didn’t do much to ease fans’ concerns.

However, none of this bothers Bowe in the least. In a recent interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Bowe uttered the following gem:

When Week 1 comes around, we’re going to show a lot of doubters how a high-powered offense really moves.”

Something tells me the likes of Brian Hartline, Andrew Hawkins, and Gary Barnidge aren’t instilling fear in defensive coordinators. Quick reminder: Bowe scored zero touchdowns last season and has 13 total scores since 2011. Probably not the best guy to be speaking about “high-powered” offenses.

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