NFL Preseason Week 3 in GIF Form


I think we can all agree that the NFL Preseason is a complete waste of time filled with laughable overreactions and devastating injuries. However, I’m equally convinced that everyone loves a good NFL GIF. Me, you, that creepy guy at work who stares blankly at the wall while eating a tuna fish sandwich, cannibals of New Guinea, everybody!

Here are a few GIFs from Week 3 of the Preseason to satisfy your hunger.

wk3-odellODB up to his old tricks. Too bad he was out-of-bounds.

wk3-smittySmitty taking a bow after being ejected for a summer scuffle. He will be greatly missed in 2016.

wk3-samEnjoy Sam Bradford’s textbook touchdown tosses while he’s still in one piece.

wk3-kirkQuick reminder to Redskins fans: When Kirk Cousins wasn’t completing 20-27 passes, he was doing this.

wk3-vickConvicted felon to soon-to-be suspended wide receiver. It’s gonna be a fun season in the Burgh.

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