Gone Fishin’: Week 12 Fantasy Football Recap

vacationI’m certain my tens of adoring readers will be crushed, but this week’s fantasy recap is an abbreviated one due to my deep-sea fishing excursion in the Caribbean. Sorry. but hooking a sturgeon, marlin, or ancient sea monster takes precedence over procuring animated GIFs of Tom Brady yelling at refs.

Playoffs update

Holy fucking barnburners, Gulfman League was chock-full of down to the wire duels in Week 12. Love it!

Assassins are still in, despite a loss to the Armpits, who moved one step closer to a shot at achieving fake glory.

Steelcats and Beasts had chances to clinch, but both lost. C’mon guy and gal, learn how to finish.

Monkeys, Negotiators, and Talkers are all waiting in the wings.

Everyone else is pretty much donezo.

Groin shot


Hurts more because he has III balls. *sprays lapel flower, honks bicycle horn*

Ass shot

reid-riversUhh… your guess is as good as mine.

More ass…


Sand never looked better.

And more groin…

Photoshopped. Obviously.


Full recap returns next week. Until then, here’s America’s whore sweetheart Miley Cyrus singing in front of a giant kitten.