Classic Trent Richardson

classic-trichPreseason NFL football is back! And so is human cinder block Trent Richardson. Now a member of the Oakland Raiders (LMAO), T-Rich’s sterling vision was on full display during Friday night’s game against the Rams. Notice how he shrewdly ignores the wide open path to the end zone and instead elects to power the ball into a wall of 300-pound men for a gritty one-yard gain. That shows toughness. If Richardson doesn’t embody all the Oakland Raiders represent, I don’t know who does.


Browns Fans React Favorably to Trent Richardson Trade

So long, bitches.

It took the Cleveland Browns two weeks to give up on the 2013 season and go all in on the Teddy Bridgewater sweepstakes. Gotta respect the front office for recognizing a turd is a turd. Brandon Weeden sucks. Their best wide receiver is a head case. The head coach has a strong aversion to calling runs. So, shipping the always plodding, never healthy Trent Richardson to Indy in exchange for a first-round pick just makes sense. Best of all, Cleveland fan is completely on board with the decision.